In regression therapy you are uncovering the cause of a mental problem. Such problems can for example be caused by traumatic experiences in early childhood or perhaps even in a previous life. Much psychic energy is wasted to keep painful memories away from the conscious mind and such repressions nearly always result in unpleasant physical or emotional problems.
When the cause or the memory is re-experienced in all its intensity and with all the emotions this often results in a mental abreaction and a release of the bad emotions. Then other problems which may have derived from this can be worked through (i.e. the emotional backlog). The restoration of the traumatic event also includes a thorough search of the significance it has had for you and your family.

I use clinical hypnosis to get images from the unconscious mind. Hypnosis is probably the best known method to get into an altered state of consciousness which makes it possible to recall suppressed memories. There also exists other techniques, but hypnosis is definitively the best tested method. The hypnotic trance is not what some people believe a state of sleep. On the contrary it is a state of deep relaxation blended with a highly focused attention where the right hemisphere is used optimally (this hemisphere is the center of intuitively thinking, emotions and dreams). In this state you will be able to experience inner pictures in a more distinct way than in your normal state of mind. Even though you will be in a hypnotic state you will not lose control and you will be instructed in how you can bring yourself out of the trance.

In some cases the reason for a specific problem cannot be found in this life and then past-life regression can be an alternative method to explore the issue. Some people will probably reject such a notion either for religious reasons or because they think that they have enough problems in their present life. Nevertheless such persons sometimes experience that the root of their problem is so profound that it cannot be cured by traditional psychotherapy.
Memories from possible previous lives can emerge in many ways for example as déjà vu experiences, inexplicable anxiety in certain situations, repetitive dreams or nightmares with a specific topic, etc.

I do not see hypnotic regression as an end in itself to make memories from a possible previous life emerge, but rather as a way to gain insight as well as emotional cleansing and release.

It should be emphasized that it is not necessary to “believe in” previous lives to benefit from past-life regression therapy – it will always be up to you if you want to consider your experience as reflections of a previous existence or merely a product of your brain’s fertile imagination.
Below is a list over various psychological problems which regression therapy in many cases has been able to relieve.

  • Insecurity and fear of abandonment
  • Depression and lack of energy
  • Psychosomatic problems
  • Phobias and irrational fear
  • Sexual problems
  • Eating disorders
  • Guilt complexes